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Best Songs in the Book of Mormon

You really don’t need me to explain to you about this, the Book of Mormon is gleefully raunchy, wildly fun, and also very touching.
It was written by Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park together with Robert Lopez who is actually the composer of the puppet musical Avenue Q. Find Book of Mormon discount tickets online today!

The show has been incredible since its first launch in March, on Broadway. To cut the long story short, I am going to share with you the best songs in the book of Mormon-enjoy.

This is the first song performed in the Book of Mormon. Hello is performed by one Andrew Rannells. Other special characters included are Rory O’ Malley and Josh Gad.

Spooky Mormon Hell Dream
This is yet another song from the book of Mormon that will surely draw your attention. It is also performed by Andrew Rannells.

From the beginning to the end, this piece of sound is a rolling mix of ideas including demons, stimulated anal sex, giant Starbucks cups, and donuts. Actually the scene has been highly criticized for mangling the Mormon culture and beliefs. However the creativity and humor are on such a higher level that the composers can be forgiven for the lack of accuracy.

All American Prophets
This also one of my favorite song in the book of Mormon. Andrew Rannells together with Rory O’ Malley and Josh Gad are the composers.

This song basically speaks about the Bible parts i.e. the New Testament and the Old Testament. It then speaks about the existence of a third part of the Bible that was discovered by a certain prophet- all American prophet. It then talks about the prophet’s origin. His name is Joseph Smith.

The duet between elder prince and elder Cunningham brings about a fresh sound to the ear and a sweet musical sensation.

I am Africa

If you love culture, especially the African culture, then this song will take you there. Performed by Rory O’Malley and Josh Gad, I Am Africa basically speaks about Africa as a whole – the animals especially the wild animals like lions and rhinos. It has a figurative form of communication. It talks about Sudan and its people, Uganda, and prominent other personalities in African history like Nelson Mandela.

I Am Africa has an interesting theme, and summarizes all the issues that affect Africa as a continent and things that make Africans proud of their motherland, culture and religion.

You should go see the Book of Mormon if you really want to enjoy some of these songs.

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