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Dodgers Stadium History

Being a baseball fan, you must be aware of the Los Angeles Dodgers, a professional baseball-team that has its headquarters in L.A, California. The team was formed back in the year 1883 and is currently part of the National-league west. Originally, the team was situated in Brooklyn where it had a several nicknames before finally they became the Brooklyn Dodgers in the year 1932. It is during the 1958 season that they moved to Los-Angeles, where they played their 1st four seasons in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum before they moved to their current stadium and home, the Dodger Stadium. Speaking of which, it is ranked third based on age after the Fenway Park and the Wrigley field so visit this national monument and get cheap Dodgers tickets online.

However, the home of these baseball stars has its fair share of history. For starters, it has always been a home to special and unique moments, world champions as well as hall of famers. From Nomo-mania to no hitters, Cy Young Award winners, MVPs’ to victories in the World-Series. Its rich history places it among the top of the great venues in the long history of sports. In addition, it is an entertainment ground having held musical extravaganzas which include pop, opera royalty and rock, not forgetting very unique events such as monster truck functions and motorcycle racing.

Throughout the years, the stadium has seen it fair share of legendary moments that include the rise of Fernando mania in the year 1981, the all star game in the year 1980 the perfect game by Sandy Koufax in 1965, the Olympic baseball competition in the year 1984 and many more.

Since its opening in 1962, the stadium has held over 147-million fans. In the year 2007, the club hit the 3.85 million mark which stands is a franchise record. Over the years however, the Dodge stadium has one through massive improvements to help maintain its high standards. New score boards for example were put up, additional suites built and the field level renovated. In the 52nd season, the stadium is yet to undergo its biggest and most ambitious renovations ever, that includes the behind the scene upgrade. To achieve this level of fame and respect, the management of the club surely has to be doing something that probably other clubs are not. And what is more important to the fans than knowing that their safety is guaranteed while they are enjoying their favorite sport? Well, to enhance the security of this stadium, no weapons whatsoever are allowed whether it is licensed or not. Banners, fireworks, laser pointers, baseball bats, alcohol, glass bottles, thermoses, cans sticks and poles are also prohibited. Being home to a world class baseball team for 51 years, its history is bound to live on.

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