Dallas Cowboys Players Stars and Not

Top Class Players for the Dallas Cowboys

The American Football game continues to produce top quality and highly profiled world class players every year. A look at a team like Dallas Cowboys which plays in one of the well recognized Eastern Division of the better National Football Conference in the National Football League (NFL) is a clear indication of the quality of players who are produced in such a universal platform. The team has a group of professional players who have been very instrumental to boost the team’s performance in the NFL and this has helped the team to scoop the second position when it comes to value of sports franchises in the United States so buy Dallas Cowboys tickets asap. The following is list of some of the best players in Dallas Cowboys;

TE Jason Witten
A Professional Tight End player who has been very instrumental in every game played. He has been very good when it comes to nice moves, tackles, runs and kicks. As a talented player, he has greatly helped the Dallas Cowboys to achieve a lot of greatness in the international stage even despite of his age. He is 32 years old and continues to play well.

WR Dez Bryant
One of the NFL greatest player, Bryant’s height and weight contributes perfectly in the winnings of his team. He is 6.2 and weighs 225 pounds. He has the best ball skills. He plays well and very creative in deep passes.

LB Bruce Carter
A professional line backer, carter has great skills and good number of careers tackles. As a first round talent, he continues to win the hearts of many fans each time his team plays. He is well mannered and a skilled player who continues to help the Dallas Cowboys.

QR Tony Romo
He makes to the list of the best Quarter Backs in the NFL. Romo has a long time to play and he showcases a lot of skills and mastery of the game all the time in the pitch. He has the heart of a lion and as QB, he plays a major role in making the best movers to spearheads his teams wins.

Of course we have other professional players who have greatly contributed in the Dallas Cowboys success but these ones have a lot to offer and they continue to show improvement ever time on pitch. Some time we may understand that a player’s performance may be sidelined with injuries but we continue to see a lot of change, the best tackles, runs and wins from these players who are skilled and talented to ensure that their team acquires the best position the league.

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